Sometimes, when we have big dreams and really want to go after something BIG, we have to start with one little baby step towards our goal.    Today, your challenge is to take one little step towards a goal that you REALLY want to achieve, but that also scares you. If […]

Baby steps

Awesome ones, Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m coming at you this week with ONE quick tip to practice gratitude every day. I give you.. The Win Wall! Want the good news? It’s only 3 easy steps! 1. Purchase a med-large pic frame from your favorite craft store. (Mine […]

Practice gratitude with a Win Wall

      Since it’s what I call “Love Week” (i.e. Valentines Day week) I thought I’d share my intentions for this week, which are all kind of about love.   May I… Be a source of kindness and light. Exhale kindness and forgiveness to the world. Find kindness and […]

Loving Intentions