Summer is officially in full swing and with these long days, it leaves lots of sunny daylight hours for watching Netflix. Err, wait… I mean reading on the deck. Yeah, that’s right. Reading 😉 Check out this week’s video to hear what’s really on my nightstand these days. Spoiler alert: […]

FUN Summer Reading

“I can’t meditate.” I hear this a lot in my community, with friends and clients. And it bums me out because meditation can be so good for us. And while I totally understand WHY people feel this way. I think it’s a) false and b) the result of a misconception […]

Meditation for Squirrels.

  The voice in my head says:   “Why would you share this information?” “Who cares about your depression?” “This isn’t going to help anyone” “Why are you wasting your time?” “You are going to embarrass yourself” “No one is going to find this valuable” “People are going to think […]

13 Simple Truths No One is Telling You About Depression.

  Happy Saturday!   Can our mission for this weekend is to practice being a little more selfish? I don’t mean selfish in a bad way. I mean selfish in the way that is directly related to self-love (which p.s. is absolutely crucial for your happiness and mental health).  So […]

Be Selfish

Sometimes, when we have big dreams and really want to go after something BIG, we have to start with one little baby step towards our goal.    Today, your challenge is to take one little step towards a goal that you REALLY want to achieve, but that also scares you. If […]

Baby steps