This week, I’m sharing my personal story of recovering from perfectionism. I used to be a 150%-er. I was a Type-A to the extreme. A total perfectionist. Gripping the ball so tight. There was no room for creativity, new ideas, imperfection, or stepping outside of the comfort zone. It was just […]

Recovering from perfectionism

Do you want to know the secret of people who are achieving their dreams and goals? They believe that their success is possible! This week’s video is about choosing, actively choosing, to believe that achieving your goals is possible. Your success depends on it!  

Success Motivation and Mindset

Do you show up looking at the world through a logical and calculated mind? Or does your lens show you feelings and a more reactive view of what’s around you? Some say that we are at our best when we’re somewhere in between, so, which way do you lean? Thinker […]

Thinker or feeler?

Research has proven that our brain releases feel-good chemicals when we listen to the right music. What music feels good for you? What songs can change your mood? Check out this awesome community collection of Great Songs for Sh*tty Days and follow along on Spotify. It’s all about finding our #momentsofyes! What […]

Great songs for Sh*tty Days