Jen Briggs

  Summer is officially in full swing and with these long days, it¬†leaves lots of sunny daylight hours for watching Netflix. Err, wait… I mean reading on the deck. Yeah, that’s right. Reading ūüėČ Check out this week’s video to hear what’s really on my nightstand these days. Spoiler alert: […]

FUN Summer Reading

Sometimes, when we have big dreams and really want to go after something BIG, we have to start with one little baby step towards our goal.¬† ¬† Today, your challenge is to take one little step towards a goal that you REALLY want to achieve, but that also scares you.¬†If […]

Baby steps

Awesome ones, Hope your week is off to a great start. I’m coming at you this week with ONE quick tip to practice gratitude every day. I give you..¬†The Win Wall! Want the good news? It’s¬†only 3 easy steps! 1.¬†Purchase a med-large pic frame from your favorite craft store. (Mine […]

Practice gratitude with a Win Wall

      Since it’s what I call “Love Week” (i.e. Valentines Day week) I thought I’d share my intentions for this week, which are all kind of about love.   May I… Be a source of kindness and light. Exhale kindness and forgiveness to the world. Find kindness and […]

Loving Intentions

Guys. A few weeks ago I got smacked in the face with wisdom. Has this happened to you? I hope it’s not just me. I took a class on managing stress with breath from a soulful yoga instructor named Max Strom. At the end of class, Max asked us to […]

“Relax your heart”