Coaching is hard to explain and even harder to justify, which is why I believe in pushing entrepreneurs and leaders to stretch their comfort zone, build their self-confidence and play bigger to get results. I have seen through my own career and journey that anything is possible and that people really can have their pie-in-the-sky business and life.

My life changed dramatically in July 2014 when I said YES to as many things as possible for 30 days. In my popular talk, What If You Say Yes To Everything For 30 Days, I shared my personal story with more than 1,000 people.



headshot_jenbriggs_2016Chief Bullsh*t Slayer

I’m an Executive & Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

Through one-one-coaching, consulting and workshops, I teach people how to get out of their comfort zone in their businesses and personal lives by saying “YES!”. I help them build confidence and a start a snowball of momentum that leads to dramatic change. I have a no bullsh*t policy and my clients feel comfortable enough to tell me what’s really holding them back in their lives and business.

My past and current clients include Simple, KING 5, Sync Fitness, Cody, Trover, Tray Creative, The Crave Company, and Running Evolution.