Some say that personal and professional coaching is hard to explain and even harder to quantify.

I believe that challenging executives and entrepreneurs to stretch outside of their comfort zone, build resiliency and play bigger is what creates growth. By getting intentional, building confidence, and tracking success over time, people become unstuck, create momentum and change their lives.  

In July of 2014, my life changed dramatically when I said “YES!”

In my popular talk, “What If You Say Yes To Everything For 30 Days”, I share my personal story of courage and resiliency.


headshot_jenbriggs_2016Jen Hope – Bullsh*t Slayer

Performace Coach for Executives and Entrepreneurs / Speaker

Through one-on-one and group coaching, workshops and speaking, I help people develop skills to be more confident, focused, resilient, and say “YES!” to themselves. My no b.s. approach to coaching means that my clients feel comfortable enough to show up as their authentic selves.